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Green Resources limited

Capital Consulting Partners is a boutique advisory firm with global reach and impact. Our evidence driven mission is simple we unleash an organization's future growth.

Acacia Mining Plc

Synchrony Finance Partners have demonstrated competency in Xamarin application development and met partner certification requirements.

Sao Hill Industries

Variant is the global leader in Media services with a proven track record of over 20 years in planning and delivering business transformation in the TV & Media industry.

Agricom Africa Ltd

Agricom is not only the best company in the agricultural supply chain sector but is also the reliable solution provider with premium products and quality services.

DSTV Multichoice

MultiChoice Tanzania, established in 1997, is a joint venture between Ami Mpunwe (Chairman), Fabio and Marco Tramontano (represented by Franco Tramontano) and MultiChoice Africa.

Bravo Logistics Ltd

Bravo Logistics (T) Limited was founded by Ms Angelina Ngalula in 2005 with a vision to provide a totally focused and quality driven service organization committed to providing diversified logistics services. The company rolled out with full operations in 2006 and acquired one truck in its first year of operation.


Tata Africa Holdings has a strong presence in over 11 African countries with investments exceeding US$145 million.